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Fuel Prices

Avgas 100LL: $4.80/g
Jet A: $3.75/g (call for volume discounts!)
Melbourned Internation Airport
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Baer Air Ramp (KMLB)
Baer Air FBO Lobby
Baer Air Flight Planning Room
Baer Air FBO Refreshment Center
Baer Air Cabin Service + Cathering Kitchen

Baer Air FBO Services, a division of Baer Air, Inc., is a full service Fixed Base Operation located at the Melbourne, Florida (KMLB) International Airport.

Hours of Operations

Baer Air is a 24 hour facility open 7 days a week. Normal staffing hours are 0600-2200 so please call us if your plans call for operations outside of these times so we may ensure a smiling face is here to greet you.

After Normal Staffing Hours

If you have not made prior arrangements with Baer Air and ramp personnel are not available upon your arrival, please call our 24 hour customer support line at (321) 956-8695. If immediate assistance is required in the event of an emergency contact the Airport Police at (321) 288-0147.


Baer Air monitors 122.85. Normal service volume is 120 miles from FL250 and above.

Airport of Entry

Melbourne International is a User Fee Airport offering facilitation to aircraft arrivals with prior notice. Call us to help arrange and coordinate your reentry to the United States. We can also service your aircraft on the Custom’s Ramp to expedite your down time.

Ground Transportation and Crew Cars

Baer Air can provide courtesy transportation to local destinations including hotels for crews on overnights. Crew cars are also available for flight crew members.

Rental Vehicles

Rental vehicles are available from Avis, Enterprise, National and Hertz. If you book the reservation yourself please let us know so we may arrange to have the vehicle airside upon your arrival.

Current Rates for Services and Products


Baer Air guarantees the fuel prices posted on Airnav. Volume discounts offered, please call office for information, (321) 956-8695.


Baer Air mechanics are under an Antidrug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program in accordance with 14 CFR Part 120 and 49 CFR Part 40. (Ops Spec PDF)

  • Maintenance Hourly Rate: $90 (billed in ½ hour increments).

Lav Service

This service is provided for a fee of $50.


Please call us to have catering arranged for your flight. We stock snack items and drinks in bulk, as well as daily newspapers and ice.

Aircraft Cleaning

Baer Air offers free cabin tidy and vacuum service with any fuel purchase or facility fee category.


There is no charge when the GPU is requested to be used for engine starts and we encourage this to allow for cooler engine starts. If the GPU is going to be utilized for more than 10 minutes we have to charge a fee as GPUs are expensive. Please let line service know your desire for GPU service so we may plan accordingly.

  • 1-10 minutes for start: no charge
  • less than 30 minutes: $25
  • 30-60 minutes: $35

Facility Fees

At Baer Air our goal is to encourage you and your customers to travel. By keeping our Facility fees reasonable, we feel we have struck a balance between this goal and our other goal to remain in business. Our ramp and overnight fees are determined by the services you desire with associated costs. Please call ahead for more information!

Hangar Space

A limited amount of hangar space is available on a nightly basis. The fee for this ranges from $25-$100 per night depending on the aircraft size.

Monthly Services

We encourage aircraft owners/operators to base their aircraft with us on a monthly basis or longer. Please contact directly to discuss the options available.

Jamie Toler - Manager of Line Services - 20 Years FBO Experience